January 25, 2014 #teamDING

Ding! Director Named to the Memphis Flyer’s Top 20<30

Photo by Justin Fox Burks

This has been a huge week of celebration for ding! Marketing Studio. We’ve earned a new Seattle-based client, Landcast Realty. We were also invited to become Content Writers for Entrepreneur Magazine. The biggest celebration came on Wednesday when the Memphis Flyer released the ever-popular “20<30” list featuring their picks for the top 20 young people who are shaping the future of Memphis. On the list: our founder and marketing director, Danielle Inez.

Danielle Inez Named To Memphis Flyer Top 20<30. Photo by Justin Fox Burks.

Photo by Justin Fox Burks

The entire experience has been an amazing one. I learned several weeks ago that I’d be nominated by a close business associate and friend in the community. Two short weeks after that, I received a congratulatory email and squealed. It didn’t explicitly state that I couldn’t share the news, but I figured it should remain under wraps. I shared with those I’m closest to and a couple of mentors. Other than that, I remained quiet.

When the newspaper was released, I was in New Orleans for the Entrepreneur Magazine Growth Conference. My friend and a fellow list maker posted a picture of the cover and that was how I saw it. I didn’t see my personal picture and article until the following morning when it was posted online.

The response and support from the community has been incredible. Humbling, encouraging, and invigorating. The Top 20<30 party at Hi-Tone Memphis was great. I’m glad that so many of my friends (and my parents!) came out to support me and my friends in the20<30: 2014 Class. -dani

Congratulations Dani!

Check out this video of the 20<30 Class of 2014. Shot by Edward Valibus.

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