#LoveWhatYouDo – Demarcus Bowser Photography


Meet Demarcus Bowser, a Memphis-based photographer who specializes in event photography and professional head shots.  He began shooting casually in 2003 by capturing friends in his apartment on film. “You had to know what you were doing before releasing the shutter. Otherwise, you were wasting money.” That expensive reality is what led Demarcus to become a master of lighting and exposure before switching to digital photography.

Today, in our #LoveWhatYouDo profile, Demarcus explains how his love of photography has transformed into a business. He also explains how “too much” passion for the craft can sometimes lead to a struggle to scale – a great perspective for others who are contemplating entrepreneurship in a field you love. Read more

#LoveWhatYouDo: An Interview With Phillip Ashley Chocolates

Found on MemphisConnect.com

We’ve known Phillip Ashley Rix since he began his designer chocolate company, Phillip Ashley Chocolates. Previously known as Chocistry (to explain the chemistry that takes place when chocolate and artistry collide), his business has swelled over the past 12 months to become the primary source for high quality, visually astounding chocolate. Rix has mastered the art of blending operations, branding, and philanthropy to create a nationally-recognized line of delectable chocolates. Check out this Memphis-based entrepreneur in this week’s edition of #LoveWhatYouDo. Read more

Women Who Rock: Audrey Jones On Professional Mentorship

Meet Audrey Jones, the first of many Women Who Rock that we’ll feature on our blog. As we wrap up National Mentoring Month, we’ve invited Audrey to share her experiences as the recipient of professional mentorship. She’s a great example for new business owners who use mentorship to cultivate the skills needed to run successful enterprises. As an executive at Auto Zone, Inc. and the co-founder of a technology start-up for moms and caregivers, Audrey relies on mentors in both arenas. Earlier this month, Al Pickett described what mentors expect in successful mentoring relationships; in today’s guest feature, Audrey explains how to gain the most from your mentors. Read more

#Flourish – Al Pickett’s Tips For Sustaining Successful Mentor Relationships

Mentors are accomplished people that agree to help a startup company and are generally successful and/or retired executives, business owners, service providers, professors, or others that could help the startup business grow. A highly valued asset, mentors are an entrepreneur’s most controllable factor in business. Often having the right mentor is the difference between success and failure.

Read more

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