CRUE: ding! Mktg Portfolio Grows In 2017

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the expansion of the ding! Marketing Studio brand to include CRUE Magazine in 2017. CRUE Magazine is a digital daily magazine that features smart, sophisticated conversation starters for the modern professional.

Commentary will cover a broad range of topics like relationships, sex, politics, justice, family, entertainment, fashion, beauty, finances, health, business, entrepreneurship, and education.

ding! will serve as the publishing house for CRUE Magazine and will oversee all advertising, events, and brand expansions.

The magazine will debut in November 2016 with a private Memphis-based launch event in December.


The magazine is currently hiring an Asst Advertising Manager, sales representatives, and journalists nationwide. To learn more about available opportunities, submit a cover letter and resume to

Congressional Candidate Ricky Wilkins Earns Endorsement Nod From Memphis Police Association

Memphis, TN – The Memphis Police Association (MPA) has endorsed lawyer Ricky Wilkins in the Congressional race for Tennessee’s Ninth District. Touting Wilkins as a Congressman who will understand and care about not only national concerns, but local issues as well, the MPA announced excitement over the “unanimous endorsement” of the candidate.

“The men and women in blue are confident that Mr. Wilkins will be responsive to the concerns of officers and their families. He will be a far better representative of the 9th District than Steve Cohen,” expressed MPA President Michael Williams. “Cohen has turned a deaf ear to concerns raised by the MPA – explaining that he ‘doesn’t get involved in local issues.’”

The formal endorsement goes on to state, “It’s time for change and Ricky Wilkins is that change agent that we need. As President of the MPA, I urge all officers, our families, and friends to join us in voting for Ricky Wilkins as our next Congressman.”

In response to the endorsement, Ricky Wilkins said, “I’m honored to have earned the endorsement and confidence of men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect our community. I’m committed to being the representative who will support our officers in the halls of Congress and on the streets of Memphis. Together, we will work to make our streets safer, provide our citizens with alternatives to crime, and improve our quality of life.”


Full Endorsement:

I’m excited to announce the Memphis Police Association’s unanimous endorsement of Ricky Wilkins for the upcoming Congressional election in the 9th District. The men and women in blue are confident that Mr. Wilkins will be responsive to the concerns of officers and their families. He will be a far better representative of the 9th District than Steve Cohen. Cohen has turned a deaf ear to concerns raised by the MPA, explaining that he doesn’t get involved in local issues. We need a Congressman like Ricky Wilkins – one who will understand and care about local issues, as they impact real people, and will offer leadership to address our concerns. It’s time for change and Ricky Wilkins is that change agent we need. As President of the MPA, I urge all officers, our families, and our friends to vote for and support Ricky Wilkins as our next Congressman.

– Michael Williams, President of the Memphis Police Association

We’re Hiring!! Part-time Marketing Assistant

Do You Have What It Takes To Join the ding! Team

ding! Marketing Studio is hiring a Part-time Marketing Assistant. This employee will report directly to the Director Of Marketing and serve as a key liaison between ding! Marketing Studio clients and ding! leadership. The ideal candidate has advanced knowledge of the MS Office Suite, great communication skills (oral and written), and an academic background in marketing and/or advertising. Ability to use photo-editing software (Photoshop, Illustrator) is preferred but not required.

A ding! Marketing Studio Marketing Assistant…

  • Compiles, organizes and presents data related to clients’ social media activities, marketing expenditures, and reporting benchmarks as outlined by ding! mktg.
  • Collects and analyzes competitor information for monthly client reports.
  • Prepares drafts of content for blogs, featured editorials, social media feeds, newsletters, presentations, and official communication on behalf of ding! clients.
  • Performs marketing research tasks to identify trends and client opportunities.
  • Fields emails and calls on behalf of the firm and client marketing departments.
  • Schedules and maintains clients’ appearance opportunities.
  • Assists with promotional activities and events.
  • Manages database of vendors, advertising partners, and strategic business partners.

How To Apply:

Interested candidates should submit a creative cover letter and resume package that includes prior experience (paid, unpaid internship, and volunteer) in the marketing field.

Please also submit a writing sample that illustrates familiarity with press release writing and/or target market engagement.

Email with “Part-time Marketing Assistant” in the subject line. No calls please.

Ideal candidates will be contacted via email to complete a short online survey. Upon successful completion, a hiring interview will be scheduled.

Estimated Start Date: July 1, 2014


#LoveWhatYouDo – Demarcus Bowser Photography


Meet Demarcus Bowser, a Memphis-based photographer who specializes in event photography and professional head shots.  He began shooting casually in 2003 by capturing friends in his apartment on film. “You had to know what you were doing before releasing the shutter. Otherwise, you were wasting money.” That expensive reality is what led Demarcus to become a master of lighting and exposure before switching to digital photography.

Today, in our #LoveWhatYouDo profile, Demarcus explains how his love of photography has transformed into a business. He also explains how “too much” passion for the craft can sometimes lead to a struggle to scale – a great perspective for others who are contemplating entrepreneurship in a field you love. Read more

Fire Life Safety Solutions of NYC Joins the Ding! Mktg Family

Today is an exciting day at ding! Marketing Studio. We’re honored to announce that Fire Life Safety Solutions of New York City has selected our firm for brand activation and on-going marketing management. Fire Life Safety Solutions works alongside residential property owners and property managers throughout New York City. The firm ensures that mid-rise and high-rise buildings are compliant with current fire safety laws and tenants are safe. FLSS trains tenants, residential association members, and building serviceman on safe evacuation techniques; they also develop comprehensive fire safety action plans for both residential and corporate clients throughout NYC. Read more

#LoveWhatYouDo: An Interview With Phillip Ashley Chocolates

Found on

We’ve known Phillip Ashley Rix since he began his designer chocolate company, Phillip Ashley Chocolates. Previously known as Chocistry (to explain the chemistry that takes place when chocolate and artistry collide), his business has swelled over the past 12 months to become the primary source for high quality, visually astounding chocolate. Rix has mastered the art of blending operations, branding, and philanthropy to create a nationally-recognized line of delectable chocolates. Check out this Memphis-based entrepreneur in this week’s edition of #LoveWhatYouDo. Read more

Women Who Rock: Audrey Jones On Professional Mentorship

Meet Audrey Jones, the first of many Women Who Rock that we’ll feature on our blog. As we wrap up National Mentoring Month, we’ve invited Audrey to share her experiences as the recipient of professional mentorship. She’s a great example for new business owners who use mentorship to cultivate the skills needed to run successful enterprises. As an executive at Auto Zone, Inc. and the co-founder of a technology start-up for moms and caregivers, Audrey relies on mentors in both arenas. Earlier this month, Al Pickett described what mentors expect in successful mentoring relationships; in today’s guest feature, Audrey explains how to gain the most from your mentors. Read more

Ding! Director Named to the Memphis Flyer’s Top 20<30

Photo by Justin Fox Burks

This has been a huge week of celebration for ding! Marketing Studio. We’ve earned a new Seattle-based client, Landcast Realty. We were also invited to become Content Writers for Entrepreneur Magazine. The biggest celebration came on Wednesday when the Memphis Flyer released the ever-popular “20<30” list featuring their picks for the top 20 young people who are shaping the future of Memphis. On the list: our founder and marketing director, Danielle Inez. Read more

We’re Hiring!

Ding! Marketing Studio is a progressive marketing firm for small organizations. We serve as the marketing extension of small businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, political parties and lobbying groups, and start-ups.

#teamDING has a few positions available for the right people. Team members must be smart, driven, loyal, and passionate about serving others. Experience leading or working in a small team environment is essential. Learn more about available positions below.

Read more

#Flourish – Al Pickett’s Tips For Sustaining Successful Mentor Relationships

Mentors are accomplished people that agree to help a startup company and are generally successful and/or retired executives, business owners, service providers, professors, or others that could help the startup business grow. A highly valued asset, mentors are an entrepreneur’s most controllable factor in business. Often having the right mentor is the difference between success and failure.

Read more

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